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The Hillcrest Honors Community

where everyone knows your name

Students sitting on the porch at Hillcrest Hall

worth the climb every time

Nestled on top of the hill along West Campus Drive, Hillcrest Honors is home to a tight-knit community of around one hundred Honors students. Hillcrest is both multi-generational and transdisciplinary, a place where you can share your interests with other passionate and ambitious honors students working in diverse areas across the university.

Above all, Hillcrest Honors is committed to helping you find your home at Virginia Tech. With a strong tradition of mentorship and intentional community, Hillcrest is a place where everyone will know your name.

Hillcrest Honors Logo

in the Hillcrest Honors community, you can expect to...

  • Plan and enjoy group dinners and other fun events, such as the annual Hillcrest Haunted House! 
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of your hallmates
  • Explore foods and snacks from other cultures
  • Serve the community
  • Connect with Honors College faculty and staff, whose offices are conveniently located on the first floor of Hillcrest! 
  • Practice your humor and wit 

our shield illustrates a few of our favorite things about Hillcrest:

  • A flame to represent students' passions, which burn bright and thrive in this community. The flame also hearkens back to our previous logo which featured a torch.
  • A rounded hill on the left to signify the hill for which the hall gets its name.
  • A roofline to convey Hillcrest’s unique architectural details.
  • Hands representing Hillcrest’s strong tradition of mentorship undergird the entire community.
the hillcrest shield

"At Hillcrest, you are placed in an environment where you are inevitably exposed to some of the most passionate undergraduates among almost all disciplines of study."

- Christine Faunce | Hillcrest Resident
  Neuroscience and Chemistry Major


Hillcrest dorm room
Hillcrest hall exterior arches
Hillcrest students playing a board game
Two Hillcrest students standing outside the building

the building and the rooms

Hillcrest Hall is a unique building on campus shaped by its past. First occupied in 1940, Hillcrest Hall was the first residence built specifically to house female students. In 1971, it was converted into a male athletic residence hall, and almost a decade later, was converted again into a graduate housing facility. Hillcrest became the university’s first Honors house in 2000-01 and now, along with the Honors Residential Commons, houses on-campus students in the Honors College.

Students standing under the arch at Hillcrest