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The Honors College seeks to inspire and facilitate an extraordinary undergraduate education for a diverse student body of exceptional motivation. Utilizing a flexible curricular framework with a strategic array of experiences, opportunities, and facilities, the College pioneers progressive, innovative approaches to undergraduate education that can be scaled up across the university.

Most Honors College students are in the Honors Laureate Program
and work toward the Honors Laureate Diploma.

Current Calhoun Honors Discovery Program students are working toward the Honors Collaborative Discovery Diploma. The Calhoun Honors Discovery Program is no longer accepting new students.


Whether teaching Honors College classes, mentoring students, or handling the behind-the-scenes
administration of the college, we work each day to facilitate an extraordinary undergraduate education
for Honors students at Virginia Tech.



Virginia Tech Honors College faculty are active researchers. Our work focuses on the scholarship ofteaching and learning and seeks to improve the undergraduate experience for all university students, both at Virginia Tech and beyond!


We value transdisciplinary collaboration of students with trusted mentors and peers who can both encourage and challenge students with their distinctive needs in decision-making and strategic action. Transdisciplinary collaboration provides direct and first-hand models which support students as they navigate the cultural diversity and economic transitions that characterize our time.

We value independent learning and advanced undergraduate research to foster students’ curiosity and self-directed educational trajectories and to maximize their abilities to engage in transdisciplinary collaborations.

We value place-based, problem-focused, and global contexts for learning in order to increase students’ use of the inclusive perspectives, purpose-driven engagement, and a sense of social responsibility that are hallmarks of the Virginia Tech Honors College student experience.

We value student participation in academic and professional opportunities, which we support through Honors College merit and experiential learning scholarships, individualized advising for national and international scholarships, and specialized professional programming and training.

The Honors College at Virginia Tech is positioning the university at the forefront of undergraduate education in the United States and is a magnet for exceptional students. A new educational framework will build on students’ disciplinary knowledge to focus on experiential learning, undergraduate research, and collective real-world problem-solving by transdisciplinary groups of students.


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Hillcrest Hall at Virginia Tech.


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