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Anne-Lise Velez

Anne-Lise Velez, Collegiate Associate Professor, College of Architecture and Urban Studies

Anne-Lise Velez is a collegiate associate professor in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and Honors College, where she conducts transdisciplinary research primarily on public and nonprofit management, and policy. Anne-Lise teaches courses on policy, disaster response, and research methods in the Honors College, and works with colleagues in CAUS to teach design ethics. She held previous academic appointments as a postdoctoral associate for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at VT, and as a postdoctoral scholar for the School of Public and International Affairs at NC State University.

Anne-Lise earned a PhD in Public Administration from NC State University, as well as master’s degrees in Public Administration and in Architecture from NC State, and a Bachelor of Architecture from VT. This interdisciplinary background led to an interest in transdisciplinary research, and she currently works with researchers across a number of disciplines and on issues that cross disciplinary boundaries. Her research broadly relates to management and decision-making at the intersection of the public and nonprofit sectors, especially around environmental and urban policy relating to community wellbeing and sustainability. Much of her research focuses on co-management and collaboration among wildfire responders, and how these processes are informed by and inform policy. She collaborates with the NC State Fire Chasers Project, and is currently serving as co-principal investigator on a Joint Fire Science Project grant to investigate co-management priorities among the different land interests affected in multijurisdictional wildfires.