Faculty, Staff & Student Leadership

Faculty and staff leadership has an important role in defining the residential college experience by bridging the proverbial curricular/co-curricular gap, thereby strengthening the academic and intellectual climate of the community.  While different universities use different nomenclature for their residential college administrative structure, all emphasize the importance of faculty presence. At Virginia Tech, the Faculty Principal, Student Life Coordinator, and Administrative Graduate Fellow all live in the community and provide guidance and support for the student leadership. In addition, there is a Project Specialist and Area Office Manager that work in the building and provide support for both of the residential colleges in Ambler Johnston Hall.

HRC Faculty and Staff

Photo of Pablo Tarazaga

Pablo Tarazaga
Faculty Principal

Photo of Stephen Henninger

Jewell Briscoe 
Student Life Coordinator

Photo of Ranger Turner

Ranger Turner
Administrative Graduate Fellow

Affiliated Staff

The following individuals have offices in Ambler Johnston Hall and provide direct support to Honors Residential Commons operations:

Maggie HolmesArea Office Manager
Ambler Johnston Hall 1316, meholmes@vt.edu, 540-231-5018

Student Leadership

The Honors Residential Commons has a robust, shared-leadership approach to self–governance. The formal leadership structures include the Commons Council (elected by popular vote of the HRC fellowship), Resident Advisors (selected through a rigorous hiring process), and Apartment Fellows (appointed based on group application and interviews). All of these student leaders work together to steward the mission of the residential college. In fact, every student, regardless of their age, year, or position, is a leader within the Honors Residential Commons. There is no limit to what each student can do or contribute, and because of that every student is encouraged to make a difference in the community.

Mackenzie Gleysteen, President
Katrina Schmid, Vice President
Emily Stacy, Secretary
Jake Mamros, Treasurer
Emily Barritt, Historian
Alex deJong, Director of Communication
David D’Atre, Director of Academic Enrichment 
Lexie Hackman, Director of Programming
Madolyn Ivy, Director of Service Initiatives

Tyler Pugh, 2nd Low
Aria Hill, 2nd High
Cat Hayes, 3rd Low
Andrew Pregnall, 3rd High
Saad Siddiqui, 4th Low
Thea Torrisi, 4th High
Michael Mills, 5th Low
Emma Gallagher, 5th High
Noel Boyle, 6th Low
Charlotte Hayes, 6th High


4th High
Stephen Olsen
Aaron Jenkins
Will Hom
Mason Lavinder

4th Low
Kendra Hale
Anna Broskevitch
Emily Barritt
Dominique Ngo

5th High
Tess Reeves
Emily Llaneras
Lauren Ahart
Mackenzie Krason

5th Low
Alex deJong
Matt deJong
Jackson Helling
Shane Lopes

6th High
Steve Campbell
Katrina Schmid
Lexie Hackman
Vince Di Nardo

6th Low
Sara McBride
Mackenzie Gleysteen
Madolyn Ivy
Alex Bongiorno