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Calhoun Center for Higher Education Innovation

A professor and students gathered around a table.

Mission and Goals

The Calhoun Center for Higher Education Innovation aims to facilitate a national conversation on adaptive, transdisciplinary life-long learning and the diverse partnerships and platforms that can facilitate this type of learning for the twenty-first century.  The Calhoun Center is connecting this conversation to the iterative planning of the Discovery program.

The Center is partnering with a number of other Virginia Tech entities and external institutions to host its first workshop on “Adaptive Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive Knowledge Economy” on October 25-27, 2019

The center is also supporting the external assessment of the Calhoun Discovery Program. The primary goals of the external assessment is to assist the Discovery Program team to continuously improve the quality of the students’ learning experience as well as support the transdisciplinary teaching and scholarship of the Discovery Program faculty and the effectiveness of the external partnerships.   The Calhoun Center is also facilitating the external partnerships of the Discovery Program with industry, non-profit, and professional organizations and K-12 institutions.

The center aims to compile lessons learned from its research into a set of blueprints that can be applied by forward-looking educators inside and outside of Virginia Tech.

Calhoun Center Research Associates

Photo of Kim Carlson
Kim Carlson

Assistant Professor of Practice, Pamplin College of Business

Photo of Anne Khademian
Anne Khademian 

Presidential Fellow | Professor, School of Public and International Affairs

Photo of Sylvester Johnson
Sylvester Johnson

Professor of Religion and Culture | Director of the Virginia Tech Center for the Humanities |  Assistant Vice Provost for the Humanities Program

Photo of Matt Holt
Matt Holt

Professor and Department Head, Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics

Photo of Lisa McNair
Lisa McNair 

Associate Professor of Engineering Education

No Photo
Todd Nicewonger 

Project Director for Destination Areas

Photo of Dale Pike
Dale Pike

Executive Director and Associate Provost, Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies

Photo of Karen Eley Sanders
Karen Eley Sanders

Associate Vice Provost for College Access, College Access Collaborative

Photo of David Tegarden
David Tegarden 

Associate Professor of Information Systems and Computer Science, Pamplin College of Business

Photo of John Tracy
John Tracy

Retired Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of The Boeing Company