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Adaptive Lifelong Learning: Working Groups

Adaptive Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive Knowledge Economy

In August 2020, we launched  a series of working groups with learners, educators and professionals across sectors (K-12, Higher Education, Industry, etc.). Organized around specific themes, these groups have begun to explore, critique and evolve the recommendations of this report. The working groups provide opportunities for participatory assessment of the report as well as bridges to form partnerships for actionable items such as grant funded pilot programs, and new education modules, tools and platforms. Although working groups have begun virtually, we anticipate the possibility of holding in-person workshops in the Fall 2022. The insights gained from these events will be analyzed and incorporated into a digital book on Inclusive and Integrative Point of Need Learning to be published by Virginia Tech Publications in 2022.

Participation in working groups is open through application.  Participants lists given below are therefore continuously updated.  If you are interested in participating please contact the Calhoun Center at

Proposed working groups include: 

  1. Identifying Additive Manufacturing Competencies within an Integrative Professional and Personal Development Approach
    Coordinator: Amy Arnold
    Current Participants: Dave Hare, Kristin Wingfeld, Chip Blankenship, Robert Smith

  2. Call for Case Studies on Authentic Learning and Knowledge Mapping for Open Source Publication - International Academic Forum (IAFOR), the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) and Future Talent Council (FTC)
    Coordinators: Joseph Haldane, Shari Garmise,  John Flato, Jared Keyel
    Current Participants: Daniel Kjellsson, Paul Heilker, Dale Whitaker, Juliet Greenwood, Rebecca Clark-Stallkamp

  3.  Adaptive and Integrative K-12 Preparation in Underserved Areas - Trusting the Young Learner 
    Coordinators: Owen Cardwell, Chrystal Harris, Chris Glover, Scott Bess, Karen Eley Sanders, Amy Arnold 
    Current participants: TBD

  4. Cross-sector Summit on Adaptive Learning for an Inclusive Workforce at the Intersection of Humans and Technology
    Coordinators: Renee Schlechta, Michael Richey, Jay Chance, Shahab Shagheb, Amy Arnold, Catherine Amelink, Dustin Grote
    Participants: By invitation

  5.  Integrating IPPD Adaptive Learning in Current Higher Education Structures - Calhoun Discovery Program 
    Coordinators: Lisa McNair, Amy Arnold, Jared Keyel, Dustin Grote, Thanassis Rikakis, Shahab Sagheb, Mike Kretser, Alkan Soysal, Robert Smith, Chip Blankenship

  6. An Inclusive Workforce Development Workshop with Virginia Mayors - Focus on Industry 4.0
    Coordinators: Anne Khademian, Scott Weimer, Jared Keyel
    Current participants: Dustin Grote and TBD

  7. Institutional Partnerships with Local Employers in Rural Settings
    Coordinator: Catherine Amelink
    Current participants: Dustin Grote and TBD

  8. Transdisciplinary Relational Knowledge for Integrative Development and Revaluing of Humanities and Arts
    Coordinators: Sylvester Johnson, Ico Bukvic, Catherine Amelink, Thanassis Rikakis, Roger Reynolds
    Current participants: Kate Montgomery, Dustin Grote and TBD

  9. Towards a Point-of-Need Platform for Inclusive and Sustainable Industry 4.0
    Coordinators: Thanassis Rikakis, Sylvester Johnson, Jena Joo, Randy Swearer, Robert Smith, Mike Kretser, Anne Khademian, Kimberly Carlson, David Tegarden,  Michael Richey, Chip Blankenship, Andrew McCoy, Mukul Kumar, Ronan Mac Domhnaill, Tazio Grivetti, David Tinnaple, Jared Keyel, Amy Arnold
    Current participants: TBD