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a new kind of honors

flexible · challenging · purpose-driven · individualized

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Honors students at Virginia Tech work toward the completion of an Honors Laureate Diploma. The Honors Laureate Diploma challenges students to pursue disciplinary depth, transdisciplinary capabilities, and purpose-driven engagement that are the hallmarks of the VT-Shaped student experience.

We have designed the Honors Laureate Diploma to work with busy schedules. In fact, it is so flexible that it is technically possible (though not advised) to complete the Honors Laureate Diploma without adding a single credit to your coursework!

For specific details, please read the Earning an Honors Laureate Diploma Page.


the basics


Honors Credits

earn 30 honors credits, most of which will overlap with courses you’re already taking;


plan out your Honors credit in your Course of Study Planner (COSP) by the end of your first semester in honors and have it approved

3.60 GPA

achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.60 after two traditional, consecutive semesters in Honors;

GPA Flex Period

with your 3.60 GPA & COSP approved,  you may enter the GPA Flex Period, giving you freedom to take academic risks


four elements of an honors education


Innovative Courses  ·  Hands-on Learning  ·  Creativity  ·  Critical Thinking

Innovative courses that give students the opportunity to embrace hands-on learning. Many Honors curriculum classes are taught by Honors Faculty and are aimed to address critical real-world problems.

Deeper Understanding · Individualized Experience

Students pursue coursework that enhances their experience within their primary major. For example, you could take a smaller honors section of a course that helps you meet your degree requirements while also earning honors credit.

Broader Understanding · Challenge What You Know

Students pursue coursework that enhances their experience outside their primary major. For example, you could establish an agreement with your instructor to turn any non-honors course into a course for honors credit!

Real World · Problem Solving · Collaborative

Students learn through real-world scenarios like study abroad, research, intern/externships, and co-ops.

the opportunities


Want to be a part of an engaging and inclusive intellectual community? The Honors College has unique options for student housing.  We have two living learning communities that are  multidisciplinary  and multigenerational, the perfect place for  Honors students to live and learn at Virginia Tech.

Interested in collaborative learning? The Calhoun Discovery Program at Virginia Tech’s Honors College is a new platform of collaborative learning that brings students together to imagine, experiment, and discover. Students accepted to the program will receive a full tuition scholarship, renewable for up to four years, as well as a $10,000 experiential learning grant. You will learn alongside diverse classmates and work with experienced faculty and industry partners.


Contact us



Prospective Virginia Tech students and current non-honors students can register for a Q&A session by email at or call 540-231-4591.


The Honors College offices are located in Hillcrest Hall (385 W. Campus Drive, Blacksburg VA 24061). The main administrative office is Office 116.


Email us at or call 540-231-4591.