Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows are Virginia Tech faculty and esteemed members of the New River Valley who have chosen to affiliate with the Honors Residential Commons (HRC).  The role of Senior Fellows is to engage the Junior Fellows (undergraduate students of the HRC) in pursuing development of themselves, relationships with others, and the projection of their passions into the greater community.  This role is captured in the HRC motto: “In fellowship, all things grow.”  While many people engage with our community, the following is a list of active Senior Fellows.

Ralph Amateis

Patricia Amateis

Donald Back

Tim Baird

Dean Bork

Jewell Briscoe

Michael Buehrer

Bob Canfield

Paul Carlier

Kimberly Carlson

Matthias Chung

Karen Depauw

John Dooley

Amanda Eagan

Mark Embree

Jon Greene

Aarnes Gudmestad

Paul Heilker

Stephen Henninger

Annie Hesp

Steven Hodges

Susan Hotle

Eric Kaufman

Shevon Kaufman

Jordan Kuhn

Matt Kwiatkowski

Christina McIntyre

Sterling Nesbitt

Mark Psiaki

Cliff Ragsdale

Rodrigo Sarlo

John Seiler

Frank Shushok

Michelle Stocker

Pablo Tarazaga

Vanessa Tarazaga

Courtney Thomas

Rafaella De Vita

Mike Weaver

Zhiwu Xie

Gordon Yee

Lizette Zietsman