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Honors Stories

Honors Stories

Mariam Hasan has been named this year's Outstanding Honors College Senior! Mariam is a biomedical engineer, designer, artist, and activist. During her time at VT, Hasan has merged her passions for social good.

Honors Laureate Diploma Focus Areas in Creativity + Innovation and Neuroscience, Medicine, and Culture

We're excited to announce our Honors Laureate Diploma focus areas in both Creativity + Innovation and Neuroscience, Medicine, and Culture. Inspired by Virginia Tech Destination Areas, we have collaborated with multiple disciplinary departments (School of Neuroscience at Virginia Tech and VT Creativity + Innovation) to offer Honors students optional focus areas to individualize and enhance their Honors Laureate Diploma.

faculty in Honors

Our faculty members at the Virginia Tech Honors College work to inspire and facilitate an extraordinary undergraduate education for a diverse student body.

Calhoun Honors Discovery Program

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