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04. Research & Experiential Learning

This element requires at least six honors credits from the ways listed below. 

Undergraduate Research
The Honors College will match undergraduate research credit that appears on your transcript in honors credit. In accordance with University policy, the Honors College will recognize up to twelve combined honors credits of undergraduate research and independent study unless your transcript says otherwise. If you perform undergraduate research that does not appear on your VT transcript, you may request that the experience be considered for up to three honors credits per experience using the Research form on Canvas.

Need help getting started in undergraduate research? Visit the Office of Undergraduate Research website.

UH 3204 Honors Service Learning
This is a two-part course. Part one entails three hours a week working directly with community partners. Part two is a one-hour class used to reflect on the service experience and discuss readings and other course materials that place the experiential learning into a theoretical context. This course is open to all honors students. Repeatable for up to six credits. (1H, 6L, 3C). A–F only.

Internship, Externship, or Co-Op
(Guided Experiential Learning Form required)
Students may earn up to three honors credits per experience unless the VT transcript says otherwise and up to six honors credits via this way. See the Guided Experiential Learning Form for more information. 

Looking for employment opportunities? Let Virginia Tech’s Career and Professional Development and Handshake help!

Study Abroad
The study abroad experience must appear as academic credit on your Virginia Tech transcript. The Honors College will award three honors credits per experience abroad. Otherwise, a full traditional semester = 6 honors credits and one full academic year = 12 honors credits.

Partners in the Parks
(Guided Experiential Learning form required)
Partners in the Parks is an outdoor experiential learning program that takes students from across the country into national parks for weeklong academic adventures. There are seven–ten projects every year that span the country from coast to coast with dates to fit students’ summer schedules, and parks and activities to fit a wide variety of participants. See the required Guided Experiential Learning form for more information.

+ View Partners in the Parks Website

Corps of Cadets Leadership Experiences
(VTCC Leadership Experiences Form required)
Cadets earn honors credit for Corps-specific leadership experiences. Students may count up to three credits per experience and up to six total credits via this way. The VTCC Leadership Experiences Form is required for your honors file and includes more information.