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03. Transdisciplinary Capabilities

This element requires at least six honors credits from the ways listed below. Eligible courses are outside of your primary major: they must not be listed on your primary major checksheet or approved to satisfy primary major requirements. Courses that count as free electives for your primary major are permissible here.

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SuperStudio courses align with our focus on developing students’ transdisicplinary capabilities. Therefore, SuperStudio participation double-counts toward an Honors Laureate Diploma: four (4) academic course credits in Element One + four (4) additional honors credits in this element.

Departmental Honors Course
The Honors College does not offer these courses, disciplinary departments do. These courses end with an “H” and are found in the course registration system within specific subjects. A departmental honors course is generally much smaller than non-honors sections of the same course and may be taught in unique ways.

Faculty–Student Agreement 
(Faculty–Student Agreement Form required)
This agreement is a contract developed between a student and the instructor of a non-honors course stating that if the student goes beyond the established requirements of that course’s syllabus in mutually agreed upon ways, the instructor will award the student honors credit. The Faculty–Student Agreement Form is required for your honors file and includes more information.

Independent Study
A student designs a syllabus to explore a single topic with guidance from a professor. An independent study may include a regular meeting time and a reading list defined by the professor. Most students sign up for independent study through their college. The Honors College will match independent study credit that appears on your transcript. In accordance with University policy, the Honors College will recognize up to twelve combined honors credits of undergraduate research and independent study.

Graduate-Level Course
These courses may count toward both an honors diploma and an accelerated undergraduate/graduate Master’s degree.