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01. Honors College Curriculum

UH 1604 Honors Undergraduate Research Practices
This course is an introduction to best practices in undergraduate research for Honors College students, including generating introductory research questions, finding scholarly literature, organizing data, research ethics, collaborative research practices, reflective project management and problem-solving, and oral written and visual presentation of research findings. (3H, 3C).

UH 2124 Honors Reading Seminar
These small, student-facilitated groups of Honors students meet once a week to discuss books of their choice, usually within a single topic or genre, supplemented by additional materials. Reading Seminar leaders earn two P/F honors credits. Students may participate in up to two Reading Seminars per semester. (1H, 1C). P/F only.

Enjoy Honors Reading Seminar and have a topic of your own that you’d like to explore with other Honors students? Lead a seminar! We request proposals for fall term reading seminars every spring semester and spring term seminars every fall semester. For more information, see the description of UH 4104 below.

UH 4104 Honors Peer Education
This course supports Honors Peer Educators and is mandatory while they teach UH 2124 Honors Reading Seminar and/or work as Honors Peer Advisors. This course emphasizes discussion-based teaching; active, collaborative learning; and building student communities through development of personal teaching strengths and understanding of honors students’ characteristics and needs.  Repeatable for up to six credits. (2H, 2C). P/F only.

UH 4504 Honors Discovery and Innovation Studios
This course will involve discovery and definition of critical, real-world problems within Virginia Tech’s Destination Areas and Strategic Growth Areas. The focus is on transdisciplinary collaboration, design thinking, and experimentation. The course encourages reflective evaluation of individual and collective problem-solving efforts as well as learning to communicate solutions to diverse stakeholders. Students must have junior academic standing (sixty academic credit hours or above) to register. Repeatable for up to twelve credits. (3H, 3C).