Earning an Honors Laureate Diploma

honors requirements & expectations

Students are strongly encouraged to complete a Course of Study Planner (COSP) and have it approved by the Honors Peer Advising Center by the end of their first semester in the Honors College.  COSP approval demonstrates the potential to earn an Honors Laureate Diploma.

To demonstrate that students can meet the level of academic achievement we expect in Honors, students are required to achieve a 3.60 or better cumulative GPA after two traditional, consecutive semesters in Honors. A 3.60 or better cumulative GPA from the semester at Virginia Tech immediately previous to entering the Honors College may count toward this requirement.

If you are removed from the Honors College but wish to be considered for reinstatement, please consult the Reinstatement Form

Upon graduation, students in the GPA Flex Period must achieve a cumulative 3.30 or better GPA and complete honors diploma requirements. (Students who never receive COSP approval and, therefore, never enter the GPA Flex Period are required to maintain a 3.60 cumulative GPA after every semester until the planner is approved or upon graduation.)

Once students receive approval on their COSP and meet the initial GPA requirement, they may enter the GPA Flex Period. The GPA Flex Period is a time in which the Honors College no longer monitors GPA. This gives students the freedom to take academic risks that can become some of their most educational experiences.

Students should complete at least thirty honors credits in total (elements Two, Three, and Four each require at least six honors credits), and earn honors credit at least once every twelve months.

Courses for honors credit must be taken on the A–F scale unless P/F is the only option.


An Honors Laureate Diploma is composed of what we call the Four Elements of an Honors Education. Each Element is connected to specific ways to earn honors credit within that Element.

To graduate with an Honors Laureate Diploma, students are required to complete at least 30 total honors credits. Elements Two, Three, and Four each require at least six honors credits.


honors laureate focus areas

Students have the option to select a focus area for their Honors Laureate diploma as inspired by the Virginia Tech Destination Areas. This is an additional opportunity to individualize and enhance an Honors Laureate diploma and is not a requirement.

These areas focus on particular themes with checksheets established in advance by the Honors College in collaboration with disciplinary departments. Students may select only one focus area.

honors laureate focus area checksheets