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Being a Peer Advisor

becoming a peer advisor

The Honors Peer Advising Center (HPAC) will provide significant support related to honors credit, honors diplomas, and honors student plans to earn an Honors Laureate Diploma, though it will adapt to support honors students as needed. The HPAC’s main service will be one-on-one peer advising appointments, but it will also offer small-group workshops. HPAC Peer Advisors enroll in UH 4104 during both semesters of their academic year of service. UH 4104 is P/F for two (2) honors credits.

Peer advisors have meetings to ask questions, get students involved in finding solutions, and introduce resources. Less frequently, they teach workshops on common problems or areas of interest.

UH 4104 Honors Student Teaching Practicum supports Honors Peer Educators and Peer Advisors during the semesters in which they work with honors students. This course emphasizes discussion-based teaching; active, collaborative learning; and building student communities through development of personal teaching strengths and understanding of honors students’ characteristics and needs. This course is mandatory for students teaching a Reading Seminar or working in the Honors Peer Advising Center. (1H, 2C). P/F only.

  • Significant pre-experience training
  • Four (4) hours weekly of advising appointments
  • 75-minute Practicum (meeting frequency TBA)
  • Homework
  • One workshop per semester
  • Academic year commitment

The most successful peer educators are honors students who can be approachable, reliable role models and mentors with strong communication, listening, and interpersonal skills; strong organization and time management skills; experience in peer leadership; a strong academic record; and adaptability, empathy, and patience. The best applicants will have experience in Honors and at Virginia Tech, willingness to learn Honors and University resources inside and out, and sufficient availability throughout the full academic year.