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Professional Development

Being a part of the VT Honors College gives students access to distinctive professional development programming, which helps set them apart in competitive scholarships, graduate school applications, and job opportunities after graduation.

Professional Development Seminars

The Honors College offers a weekly series of 1-hour seminars intended to inform and prepare students to improve their competitiveness for national opportunities, such as scholarships, fellowships, REUs, graduate and professional programs. Weekly seminars will include experts from across the university and are designed to help students at any academic level improve their network and awareness of resources.

Students sit around a table meeting with Dean Knox

The Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine (VTCSOM) Mentor Program

As we know, preparing for medical school applications and the admissions process can be overwhelming. To help students feel prepared and at ease during the process, the Honors College has partnered with the VTCSOM in Roanoke to begin a mentor program for Honors students.

The VTC-VT mentorship program is designed to foster a relationship between college sophomores, juniors, and seniors with current allopathic (M.D.) medical students enrolled at VTCSOM. This program gives Honors students the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns they have about things such as pre-medical prerequisites, the MCAT, medical school requirements, and the application/admissions process. They will have personal contact with and guidance from a current medical student who has gone through this process themselves.

The Deloitte Mentor Program

The Deloitte Mentor Program offers a personal mentorship experience for VT Honors Students tailored to each student's professional development and personal growth goals. Honors students who choose to participate in the program will receive a number of important benefits:

  • Exclusive access to networking opportunities with Deloitte Practitioners from Audit, Consulting, Tax, and Advisory backgrounds
  • Access to a semester-long personal mentor that will help you set, track, and achieve academic and/or professional goals
  • Customized, one-on-one discussions and group panel opportunities to help promote your personal and professional development
  • Personal support and guidance on resume creation, interview etiquette, working styles, and goal-specific learning areas

“I loved participating in the Deloitte/VT honors College Mentorship Program! My awesome mentor reviewed my resume, helped me set semester goals, and offered to answer any questions I might have about Deloitte in the future, which will be helpful for my internship with them next summer.”

Willow Pedersen  |  Class of 2020, Accounting & BIT

Veterinary Scholars in the Honors College

The Veterinary Scholars in the Honors College program offers Virginia Tech Honors students exclusive access and benefits in partnership with the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine (VA-MD Vet Med).

One of the major perks is that the program allows Honors students to become eligible to interview for early admission to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. Veterinary Scholars are guaranteed to advance to the interview step in the process of admission to the the VA-MD Vet Med program. In addition, Honors students participating in the program will also receive regular mentoring by Vet Med students and faculty.

Service Without Borders

Service Without Borders (SWB) is a transdisciplinary, student-led organization whose mission is to share the spirit of Virginia Tech’s motto, Ut Prosim, locally and globally by providing assistance to communities in need. SWB projects engage in real-world design, project management, construction, marketing, fundraising, and cultural experiences. SWB focuses on projects in three regions: Nepal, Tanzania, and our local community.

Locally, we participate in service such as the Lunch Buddies Program, food drives, and Habitat for Humanity. In Tanzania, we built and are continuing to expand a primary school in an area where a large portion of the community is illiterate. The education that the school offers can help protect girls from child marriage. In Nepal, we are working on a long-term project of rehabilitating an irrigation canal.

National Scholarship Opportunities

Do you feel like your professional career is still in the distant future? Professional development can also increase your competitiveness for national scholarships. National scholarships not only provide a financial incentive to support your undergraduate education, but they also set you apart from the crowd after college when applying for graduate schools or jobs. Check out our national scholarship opportunities to see which might be the best fit for you!


Opportunities with Affiliated Honors Organizations

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The Virginias Collegiate Honors Council (VCHC), joins universities, colleges, and community colleges throughout Virginia and West Virginia to support and enhance programs and activities to meet the needs of exceptionally talented and motivated students. 

Awards & Scholarships
Honors Scholar of the Year
Emerging Scholar of the Year

Presentation opportunities
The VCHC spring conference is a forum for Honors students from Virginia and West Virginia institutions to present their scholarly work publicly and to network with other Honors students.

The Southern Regional Honors Council (SRHC) promotes and advances honors programs and colleges in the Southern United States.

SRHC provides student stipends of varying amounts up to $700 to offset the cost of attending any NCHC-sponsored experiential program (Partners in the Parks, NCHC Semesters, NCHC Winterims, etc.).

Publishing opportunities
Sanctuary Journal

Presentation opportunities
SRHC annual spring conferences provide an outstanding opportunity for students to interact with honors students from institutions across the Southeast.

The National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) is a unique educational organization designed to support and promote undergraduate honors education. Students have access to honors scholarships and exclusive events through NCHC and its members.

Awards & Scholarships

Publishing opportunities
UReCA Journal
There are opportunities for students to serve on a national editorial board for UReCA.

Partners in the Parks

Presentation opportunities
Annually late October/early November

Student leadership
Board of Directors student positions