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COVID-19 Coronavirus Honors College Updates

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Updates from the Honors College on COVID-19 Coronavirus 

  • As you will know by now, the university is requesting undergraduate students to remain at home if possible and not return to campus for the remainder of the spring semester. Please read below for more information.

  • All upcoming spring semester Honors events, including Wake Up with Honors, is cancelled. Additionally, the Spring 2020 Medallion Ceremony for graduating seniors has been cancelled.

  • The Honors Peer Advising Center (HPAC) appointments prior to March 22 must be rescheduled — you will be contacted by your Peer Advisor. Subsequent HPAC appointments will proceed online.

  • Effective immediately, UH2124 Honors Reading Seminars will conclude for the spring semester. Current grades given in each course (P/F) will be the final course grades.

  • Students enrolled in other UH courses can expect to receive contact from their instructors about online course continuation.

  • Given the cancellation of all VT abroad programs this summer and the moratorium on all VT-sponsored travel for students, faculty, and staff, the third round of the Enrichment Grants process has been closed and cancelled as of this afternoon. Existing applicants will be notified individually. Students will be notified when Enrichment Grant applications reopen in the first round of the next academic year.

Further Information

For information about how Virginia Tech is responding to the global COVID-19 infection spread, please refer to President Tim Sands’ message and the COVID-19 website for regular updates. In terms of the Honors College’s response and cautions to COVID-19, please refer to this page.

As partners in the continued health and safety of our campus and community, we ask the Honors community to join us in ensuring students remain at home. Unless students have no alternative or have a good justification for returning, students are strongly discouraged from returning to campus until further notice. Only those who have no other feasible place to live, or have a strong justification, will be allowed to return to on-campus housing. Approval by the Division of Student Affairs will be necessary. Please see this important message from Frank Shushok, interm vice president of Student Affairs, for more information and COVID-19 Student Response Forms. If you have any housing-related questions or concerns, please contact Housing either by email ( or phone (540-231-6205).

Spring Break will be extended to Sunday, March 22, and classes will resume online on Monday, March 23 for the duration of the spring semester.

Virginia Tech is moving all instructions online for the rest of the semester. Students currently enrolled in UH courses can expect to receive contact from their instructors on how to proceed. After careful consideration and consultation, however, we have decided to suspend the teaching of UH 2124 sections for the remainder of the Spring 2020 term.  All students who have been regularly attending their sections of UH 2124 will earn a grade of P and 1 credit toward their Honors diplomas. We understand that videoconferencing technology might allow UH 2124 sections to continue meeting, but the technical and pedagogical difficulties involved in trying to hold such conferences are prohibitive. Moreover, we do not want you to have what would likely be frustrating and ineffective discussions about books and ideas you care about. We hope to see you in another Honors reading seminar next fall or spring.

In following the university’s direction in limiting the spread of disease and protecting members of the community, all Honors events in the spring semester will be cancelled. Cancellations include the Honors College Roaring Twenties Spring Formal, Wake Up with Honors, and the Skirt Barn Dance and Resource Fair. Additionally, the Spring 2020 Medallion Ceremony for graduating seniors has been cancelled.

The Honors College recognizes this as a challenging time for both the Honors community and for Virginia Tech as a whole. We encourage Honors students to remain resilient and passionate in continuing their education in this crucial time.

Honors College faculty and staff will continue working regular hours and will be available online to continue facilitating extraordinary undergraduate education for Honors students. Please contact the Honors College via email at or phone at 540-231-4591 for any Honors-related needs, concerns, or questions. We will respond as promptly as possible.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility as VT responds to these extraordinary circumstances.